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Dr. Christian and his team of therapists offers half-day to 3 day workshops, conferences, and retreats that provide evidence-based treatment and address various critical issues facing individuals, couples and families in the 21st century. Dr. Christian is a regular presenter and has presented at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference, the Association of Marriage and Family Ministry Conferences, the Annual Meetings of the Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselors Association as well as a number of other settings, organizations, and churches.

Dr. Christian works with individuals and groups to design a workshop, conference or retreat that addresses the specific needs of the organization. Some examples of the workshops offered include:

Men’s Intensive Workshop

This workshop is designed for men who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors and want to find a way to make a change in their lives. This is one of the most effective and affordable workshops in the country for men dealing with sexual addiction. The Men’s Intensive Workshop is a three-day event (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) led by Dr. Christian and other trained professionals. The Workshop includes various presentations along with group experiences that focus on three things:

  1. What is compulsive sexual behavior?
  2. Where does it come from…what is its origin?
  3. What do I do to successfully overcome it?

Using a medical model, the Workshop is intentionally designed for a small number of men who come together for three days and explore sex addiction as an intimacy and attachment disorder. During the Workshop, the participants will learn how to become men of integrity (start telling the truth), authenticity (start being real), and experience healthy emotional and sexual intimacy in relationships.

During the Workshop, men will discover tools to help them stop acting out sexually. Those attending this Workshop will also begin to understand the past hurts and thought patterns that have been fueling their acting out behaviors.

Dr. Christian offers this Workshop four to five times each year. If you have questions about this Workshop or are interested in registering for the next scheduled Workshop, then give Dr. Christian a call today or email him for additional information.

Female Spouse’s / Partner’s Intensive Workshop

This workshop is designed for partners of men who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior. Knowledge is power. Spouses or partners who are in significant relationship with men who act out sexually benefit from the information shared in this workshop. Many the females who are married to men who deal with sexual addiction have no idea what is involved in terms of the hurt, broken trust, anger, etc. This workshop provides a place for the female spouse to explore the pain and loss as well as begin a journey of healing. This is a two and a half-day intensive that is facilitated by licensed therapists who have special training in working with this population. During the workshop you will be given clear direction regarding the truth about sexual addiction, full disclosure and the necessary steps for your own personal journey of recovery and healing. The end result is hopefully greater individual health and emotional intimacy within the marriage relationship.

Intimate Marriage Workshop

This workshop is designed for couples that want to make a good marriage better or a struggling marriage more safe and satisfying. After thirty-five years of being married to the same journey partner, Dr. Christian shares out of a life-time of experiences and personally connects with those who attend this workshop through his practical teachings and relevant stories.

Many marriage couples struggle with “staying married” much less achieving a level of emotional and physical closeness that allows both partners to experience gratification in the relationship. Participants in this workshop will definitely walk away with a toolbox full of strategies that will help them begin to “live fully” in their marriage rather than simply survive.

The Intimate Marriage Workshop focuses on three basic yet very significant dances that take place in every marriage relationship. The Behavior Dance focuses on “who does what” in the relationship. During the workshop, each couple will clearly see the behavior dynamics that puts them in an unending cycle of negative behaviors. These negative behaviors cause the couple to feel isolated rather than intimate with each other.

The Fear Dance focuses on the “buttons” that get pushed in a relationship and causes partners to “react” rather than “respond” to each other in a healthy intimate way. During the workshop, couples will discover their sensitive buttons and reactions that cause conflict rather than closeness in the marriage. They will also understand the importance of where these “buttons” come from and ways to overcome them.

The Sex Dance focuses on the “cues” that partners send to each other regarding their sexual desires. These “cues” or signals communicate whether a partner is “interested” and/or “willing” to be physical and sexual. During the workshop, couples will learn what healthy sexual intimacy looks like in a marriage. They will also be given proven skills to change less than desirable ways of interacting sexually for exciting and fulfilling behaviors that will leave both partners wanting more!

If you would like to schedule this exciting and promising workshop for your organization or group, email or call Dr. Christian today. If you need more information, act today to find out how this workshop can come to you.

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